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FD Gazellen Award for the 6th consecutive year

November 12, 2015 | News

FD Gazellen Award 2015

For the 6th consecutive year, Relatics received an FD Gazellen Award. Every year, the Dutch financial newspaper (Financieele Dagblad) awards the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. These companies showed a revenue growth of more than 20% while being profitable. The nominees were analysed by a team of financial specialists from ABN Amro, Mazars and Het Financieele Dagblad.

New Relatics Training Course

October 26, 2015 | News

Online Training

In the Relatics basic training course a balance is continually sought between theory and practice. Recently, the online version of the Relatics basic training course became available, as an alternative to class-based training. Having two forms of training provided us with an important insight.


Starting in September, the basic training course will be offered in a single hybrid form. One online part, for which you can determine your own pace, and a practical part to be done in a group. This new structure will give the participants more knowledge and skills. Moreover, the training course is more flexible.


Solar Team Twente finishes second in Solar Challenge 2015

October 22, 2015 | News

Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente, in their solar car Red One, finished the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 in second position in the Challenger Class. Solar Team Twente consists of 19 students from Saxion and the University of Twente. The race, held in Australia, started in Darwin on 18 October and ended 3000 km later in Adelaide on 22 October.


Relatics sponsored Solar Team Twente’s use of Relatics for Systems Engineering. The team also uses Relatics to manage the sponsors, meetings and actions. Before qualifying, the car was thoroughly tested for conformance with the rules and requirements – a process called scrutineering. Naturally, Relatics’ Systems Engineering Workspace was used to manage conformance with all these rules and requirements.


Relatics Mobile

September 28, 2015 | News

Relatics Mobile

A new version of Relatics Mobile has been released on Monday, September 8th, 2015. This version has a much improved user interface, whereby the emphasis is placed on the ability to quickly edit information.


With the previously released Context portals, Relatics offers the ability to create dedicated views for specific situations, depending on the role, activity and place. This, in combination with the easy accessible edit controls, provides users with unlimited possibilities to edit a variety of applications and access information.


For any questions regarding the use of Relatics Mobile our Support team will gladly help you. Also we would like to refer to our Knowledge Base.

Relatics contributes to TU Delft

September 22, 2015 | News

TU Delft

In September and October Relatics contributes to a new BIM-course: ’Information Systems in Construction’ of TU Delft (Faculty Civil Engineering). This course includes a block of 7 weeks in which capturing of requirements, management & maintenance, asset management and 3D modeling will be covered.


The students have a concrete project for the renovation of the Sebastiaansbridge. For students this is a well-known bridge, because it forms the connection between the TU district and the center of Delft.


Relatics provides 2 weeks practicum, college and homework. In addition Relatics will make online content and workspaces available. After these colleges provided by Relatics, the students will be able to define the information needs within a Civil project and to setup a supporting tool for this.