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Enabling Model-Based Systems Engineering for Construction Projects

The Relatics software has been developed for a single purpose: to help people understand the complexity of their challenges so that they can create sustainable solutions. It is the comprehensive tool that gives professionals access to all project information and offers a complete overview of the increasing number of dependencies between all disciplines in today’s projects.

Dare to ask questions

  • What are the implications of this changed requirement?
  • What were the responsibilities of John, who recently left the project team?
  • Do we need to take extra safety measures considering the latest risk assessment?

Questions require to search through an ever growing amount of project documentation for relevant information. But what if the effort for searching becomes unaffordable? Wrong decisions lead to project delay, budget overrun or compliancy issues.

With Relatics, all relevant information is found in one single click, regardless of your project’s size or complexity. Even better, it answers questions that project members haven’t considered to ask.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Relatics allows the construction industry to adopt Systems Engineering effectively and bring projects for both client and contractor to the next level. Indepent of your maturity level, Relatics supports you to transform from a document to a model-driven approach and gain the benefits of working together across all disciplines.

Proven for Clients, Contractors and Engineering firms

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Adapt and enrich during the project lifecycle

"From the initial requirement to help us manage Sydney Metro project interfaces, we now also use Relatics for stakeholder information management, safety assurance and interface hazards, issue management and more. With Relatics, interface documents and data are easily accessible in one place, structured, linked and presented holistically."
Quentin Chevalier
Systems Integration Manager at Systems Connect (Sydney Metro)
"There is an increasing demand for compliance and the verification and validation processes are becoming more challenging. Engineers must demonstrate in their design in Relatics whether they have taken into account certain requirements. Relatics thus shows that requirements have been met, according to the contract. And this allows us to easily communicate and update the client."
Peter Musters
Interface Manager at Movares

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Region Europe
Project type Infrastructure/civil
Project value ~ EUR 7.4 bn
The Fehmarn Belt fixed link is an under-construction immersed tunnel, which will connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, crossing the 18 kilometre wide Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will remove a bottleneck, reduce travel time and strengthen links between Scandinavia and Central Europe. When the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is completed, the journey between Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden will take 7 minutes by train and 10 minutes by car.

We want to Understand

For almost twenty years, we have helped our customers to regain control by increasing insight in their projects’ complexity. We have seen that no project is the same. And no project is easy. Our consultants try to understand the professional and identify the unique characteristics of your project to help you to get the full potential out of Relatics.

Always with respect for your way of working

Add-on to your IT-landscape instead of replacing existing applications

Configuration aligned with your unique project characteristics

Relatics adapts to your Systems Engineering maturity

Fair pay-per-active-user licensing model

Beyond complexity!

Construction projects are one of the most complex systems in the world. The number of requirements is increasing, technology continues to advance, and the environmental challenges are growing.

Relatics will not solve this; it won’t make projects less complex. But it does liberate professionals from the struggles that complexity used to entail and instead opens up opportunities to unleash creativity and built beautiful solutions!

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