A faster way to add a relation to the model using copy/paste

As an administrator of a Relatics Workspace, you want to enter information models quickly and efficiently. Normally, you would use the standard selection to add a relation on the detail page of an element. This requires quite a few clicks in the tree to find the element you want to create a relation to. While configuring, I stumbled upon a lifehack that lets you create relations more quickly.

Three steps to define relations by copy/paste

Step 1: In the model, navigate to the element (e.g. Document) that you’re creating the relation to, and choose “Copy”:


Step 2: Go to the detail page of an element (e.g. Issue) and choose “Paste” in the table of relations:


Step 3: Enter the remaining details for the relation you have created:


About Kris de Waal

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After graduating in Business Administration with a specialization in Business Information Management, Kris joined Relatics as a Business Information Consultant. He is eager to learn about new concepts, technologies, IT systems and apply the knowledge in his daily work. In addition, Kris loves to work on new ideas and innovations to get more out of Relatics.