We are Relatics

We don’t believe in quick fixes. There are no shortcuts. For suitable and sustainable solutions, we think it is necessary to fully understand the problem. This is how we work, not only when helping our customers but also with everything we do within our organization. And since we see problems as challenges, we are more than happy with that!

Who we are

Starting in 2003, we developed software that enabled the construction sector to make the transition to Systems Engineering. Additionally, we have always helped customers with our consultants to deploy Relatics successfully.

Our organization is versatile: extroverted next to introverted, young and older, with backgrounds in civil engineering, history, IT, mechanical engineering or mathematics. But we all have something in common: smart, motivated and with passion.

Youngest employee:  23
Oldest employee: 62

> 50 employees

University level

Our way of thinking

Helping customers to become successful is the core focus of everything we do. Listening carefully to our customers is self-evident. But we also try to be one step ahead. Surprise them with effective solutions, relying on our own strength.

By completely unraveling a challenge or problem, you often come up with a more beautiful and sustainable solution. Finding the optimum between ambition, time and result challenges us and gives us energy.

Working must be fun!” One of our business rules

“Each time I am stunned how interaction with other disciplines result in a more beautiful solution than the solution I had in mind initially.”

– Bart Moree, Requirement Manager Relatics

How we work

We are innovators at heart. Not only regarding Relatics itself but also with continuously improving our organization.

We work in small, multidisciplinary teams with a lot of freedom and responsibility. We review each other’s work and expect each other to think critically, even on cross-disciplinary subjects. This is a breeding ground for surprising growth spurts for our organization, product and employees.

“I am passionate about working at Relatics – I learn every day, love the open culture and appreciate the freedom of organizing my work.”

– Angela Kouwen, Business Director Relatics

Join us

We are truly proud of our employees. The chemistry, way of working and level of cooperation makes us unique and succesful in helping our customers. This right balance requires great care regarding hiring new employees.

You should fit in our culture and feel attracted to our drive that understanding complexity really makes the difference. Your strength should help our ambitions and should allow you to work with passion and meaning.

Our excellent terms of employment and spacious training budget are nothing to worry about. Our main concern is that we both believe Relatics will help you grow in both competencies as well as a person as a whole.

Does this sound interesting? Send us an open application or take a look at our jobs page for all open positions.