Area information model (GIM) of Tauw

Tauw has been using Relatics for several years and uses various tooling on multiple projects. This presentation is about their area information model (GIM). In Relatics a dashboard has been developed, in which all information flows come together.

Presentation (in Dutch)

Relatics on the map

by Rense Klinkenberg en Jane Rose

As a consultancy and engineering firm, Tauw is working hard to consult various data streams from various sources in its projects and provide insight into them. By bringing these flows together on an online interactive map, we give the project team, the customer and / or possible stakeholders the opportunity to see the relevant information in the context of the location. By linking this map to the different data streams, we create a ‘dashboard’, a central information model, where all information comes together. We call this the area information model or GIM for short. And one of these links in GIM is with Relatics! With the map as a base, live information is retrieved about the objects or stakeholders in Relatics, and you can directly link to the Relatics environment.