Power to understand everything.

Construction projects are one of the most complex systems in the world. They need to incorporate thousands if not many thousands of elements like requirements, risks, verifications, interfaces. Relatics is the only application that enables you to understand how all these elements are related to each other. How every part of your project contributes to and is dependent on other parts, and how every change influences the project as a whole. Relatics is here to eliminate the burden of complexity and to shape the future of construction projects.

Finding anything, instantly.

People of different disciplines together produce a massive number of reports, emails, spreadsheets, and drawings. The bigger the project the more documents are created. Searching for information is often a labor-intensive activity since most information is tucked away somewhere in those documents. Relatics completely eliminates the need for searching. Its model-driven approach guarantees that every element of the project is defined only once, no matter how much information about this element is recorded. All information is found immediately with just one single ‘click’.

No surprises

Project professionals need to deal with many questions.

  • What are the implications of this changed requirement?
  • What activities might be delayed because of a failed verification?
  • What were the responsibilities of John, who recently left the project team?
  • Does this alternative solution satisfy the same requirements?
  • Do we need to take extra safety measures considering the latest risk assessment?

Answering such questions implies studying relevant information and requires significant effort. Traditionally, this effort grows exponentially with the complexity of the project. But what happens when this effort becomes unaffordable? Do we accept the risk of leaving questions unanswered? Relatics ensures that, regardless of project complexity, answering any question requires limited effort. Even better, it encourages project members to proactively find answers to questions that nobody would dare to ask.



Build away!

Every project is unique and dynamic. Constructions are never the same, circumstances are always different, and changes are the order of the day. Projects will also become more complex than ever before. The number of requirements is increasing, technology continues to advance, and the environmental challenges are growing. Relatics will not solve this; it won’t make projects less complex. But it does liberate professionals from the struggles that complexity used to entail and instead opens up opportunities to unleash creativity.