Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In implementations of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in projects, Relatics is used as a linking pin in the information network. Relatics makes it possible to organize all non-geometric data and link it to BIM information from CAD systems, Document Management Systems (DMS), geographic information systems (GIS), planning software and test tools.    

Benefits for Building Information Modeling

The Building Information Modeling software tool of Relatics offers the following benefits for projects:  

Combine information from the project with BIM information from other systems. Relate requirements to design components from a CAD system, link documents from a document management system to tests, or connect work packages to activities from planning software.  

Extend information for effective project management. For example, link responsible persons to requirements that are related to design components from a CAD system. This allows a project to actively control BIM-information.  

Reuse information in different BIM systems. Display tests including the status from Relatics real-time in a CAD system. Or, show design components live in a geographic information system (GIS) including the link to requirements and the responsible person.



Demo of Building Information Modeling application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize a Requirements Management application completely to their needs.

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