Training Configuration Basics

The Training Configuration Basics focuses on setting up and maintaining Relatics workspaces in Systems Engineering projects. This training is an introduction to the possibilities the Relatics software offers for projects.


The Configuration Basics training contains an optimal balance between theory and practice. The focus is on setting up and maintaining Relatics workspaces. After completing the training, you will be able to set up and further develop Relatics workspaces so that projects can manage information transparently.

The training consists of two parts: an online video training (English spoken) and 4 half days of group training sessions (English spoken). The group training sessions are in MS Teams.

You can follow the video training independently of other participants. To participate in the group training sessions, you must have completed all assignments of the video training.

The group training sessions are online in MS Teams under the supervision of a trainer, typically in a group of 6 to 8 participants. Your learning effect is enhanced through group discussions and interaction with the others. The exercises are developed around a case of a construction project.

Target group

The Configuration Basics training is intended for users with the ambition to configure Relatics workspaces, but who have little or no experience with this. Typical participants are part of or support a project team and often have the role of Systems Engineer or Project Advisor. The training is not intended for IT professionals/Data managers who are not directly involved in projects.

Required knowledge and skills

  • Participants must have an affinity with software and IT.
  • User experience with the Relatics software may make things easier.
  • Knowledge of Systems Engineering is a plus.

What will you learn?

To configure in Relatics, including:

  • Add tables in a Relatics environment
  • Define queries
  • User management
  • Import data from source files
  • Apply calculations and functions

To model:

  • Define a type model consisting of elements, properties and relations
  • Guidelines for good modelling

Topics in the group training sessions

In the group training you apply and combine the skills you learned in de video training. You will also gain new skills on subjects like advanced model constructions and importing data.


Price (VAT exclusive): € 1.000

Duration: between 20 – 25 hours for the online video training.

Group training sessions: 4 half days, in MS Teams


Within 24 hours after you register via the form below, you receive your login details for the online video training and you can start right away. If the trainers have any questions, they will contact you.

You will receive all information about the group training sessions a week before the start of the sessions.