Enabling project success

Our dedicated team of Relatics Consultants is always willing to help you with all kinds of information issues. From building new custom-made Relatics models, to complex projects and structural support. Next to that, our consultants will help you to optimally harness the potential of Relatics.


Our consultants have experience with different methods, such as: Systems Engineering (SE), BIM, Contract Management Systems, Value Engineering, Competitive dialogue, Document Control and Risk, Permit and Environment Management.

Always a good idea

We have experience with hundreds of projects of varying sizes on both the contracting and the client side, as well as for engineering consultancies. Our consultants are experts and can always offer you the support you need.

Structural support

Our services are offered in the form of clearly defined projects with explicitly formulated results. We can also provide capacity and expertise on site in order to help you manage projects where Relatics is applied.

Development of interfaces

Relatics integrates easily in your existing IT infrastructure. Connections with other applications are easily made which will contribute the project outcome. Our Relatics consultants have extensive experience with the integration of systems. Below you can find some examples of realized interfaces:

  • Document Management System: SharePoint, OpenText, Chapoo, Imandra, Organice, Think Project!, DigiOffice
  • CAD: Revit, BIM 360 field
  • Analysis: Tableau, Power BI
  • Schedule: Primavera, MS Project
  • GIS: ArcGIS, iViewer, Geoweb
  • ERP: Metacom/Ticon, Exact Software
  • Office: Outlook, Word, Visio
  • ESB: Talend, Zapier, eMagiz
  • VISI: Bakker & Spees