Carefree solutions

Our dedicated team of Relatics Consultants is always willing to help you with all kinds of information issues. From building new custom-made Relatics models, to complex projects and structural support. We aim to offer you a completely carefree solution at any time. Our team of experienced Relatics Consultants are true experts in the field of Relatics usage. They are flexible and work according high standards of quality and configuration guidelines. Our Relatics Consultants will help you to optimally harness the potential of Relatics. 


Relatics models completely tailored to your specific information needs

Always a good idea

Our consultants have domain expertise in many fields and can always offer you the support you need

Structural support

Qualitative and structural in-house support from Relatics experts


Using our uniform working method and analytical approach, we ensure that the configuration of Relatics optimally reflects all your information requirements. Through regular internal training, we have extensive and current knowledge of Relatics.

Always a good idea

We have experience with hundreds of projects of varying sizes on both the contracting and the client side, as well as for engineering consultancies. Our consultants have domain expertise in many fields and can always offer you the support you need.

Structural support

Our services are offered in the form of clearly defined projects with explicitly formulated results. We can also provide capacity and expertise on site in order to help you manage projects where Relatics is applied.

Fields of expertise

Our consultants have experience with methods like Systems Engineering (SE), BIM, Contract Management Systems, Value Engineering, Competitive dialogue, Document Control and Risk, Permit and Environment Management. Examples we can assist you with:

  • Sparring about possibilities of Relatics
  • Translating from process to an information model
  • Configuring a uniform and simple user interface
  • Compiling advanced reports in StyleVision (XSLT / HTML / RTF / PDF)
  • Importing existing data in Relatics (CSV, XML, Excel)
  • Developing Context Portals for Mobile Devices
  • Creating links with other systems or packages (Rest / SOAP)
  • Developing middleware to synchronize data between Relatics and other systems or packages
  • Programming Javascript API interfaces
  • Drawing up Themes (HTML / CSS / JavaScript)
  • Implementing Google maps and Google Charts
"When we temporarily needed additional capacity, we could fortunately count on the help of a Relatics consultant. Meanwhile, we make regular use of a Relatics consultant for adjusting the information model, implementation of large-scale imports and creating several PDF exports. The Relatics consultant is a pleasant partner for us, enabling us to quickly and easily realize complex projects within Relatics."


"A Relatics consultant has realized a SharePoint interface for us. This way we can combine the power of Relatics with the advantages of a Document Management System (DMS) like SharePoint. We have very good experiences with the Relatics consultant. He understands our questions well, always provides us with a clear answer and provides concrete solutions for all our issues. He knows the common processes in our industry, which enables him to think about optimal solutions suitable for our organization."

Gebr. van der Lee


Relatics integrates easily in your existing IT infrastructure. Connections with other applications are easily made which will contribute the project outcome. Our Relatics consultants have extensive experience with the integration of systems. Below you can find some examples of realized interfaces:

  • Document Management System: SharePoint, OpenText, Chapoo, Imandra, Organice, Think Project!, DigiOffice
  • CAD: Revit, BIM 360 field
  • Analyse: Tableau, Power BI
  • Schedule: Primavera, MS Project
  • GIS: ArcGIS, iViewer, Geoweb
  • ERP: Metacom/Ticon, Exact Software
  • Office: Outlook, Word, Visio
  • ESB: Talend, Zapier, eMagiz
  • VISI: Bakker & Spees