Contract management and VISI at the Province of North Holland

The Province of North Holland has been working with Relatics for a number of years, initially only for the system requirement specification. Starting in 2014, it was also possible to apply the contract management methodology of the province using Relatics, first on one specific areal contract and later on multiple projects. In addition, since 2016, the open standard and application VISI has been applied to contract management.

Presentation (in Dutch)

Province of North Holland: contract management in Relatics… and VISI – Yay, another system!

by Patricia Gutterswijk and Bas van Geldorp

The Provincie of North-Holland uses Relatics since 2014. Initially as a requirements management application for the first areal contract Kop van Noord-Holland. The province was given permission to use the Grip™ template created by Rijkswaterstaat, which contained all modules based on the Rijkswaterstaat’s way of working. Over the years, the province adjusted the modules that where actively used, to their way of working. Initially the contract management modules have been tailored. Since 2016 followed by the risk management, change request and strategic surrounding management modules.

In 2016 the application VISI has been introduced at the province for tracking the formal communication during the contract management. Soon it turned out that the relevant information regarding the auditing process should be stored in Relatics but that the communication information, decision making and handling deadlines should be managed within VISI. The Province of North Holland is now pondering how to apply the different parts of the process in both applications. How can the province optimally apply the two systems?

In the presentation, the combination of the two applications is discussed, which application is now given what role in the contract management?

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