Contract Management

Relatics is a web-based tool used for Contract Management in complex building and infrastructural projects. Asset owners are increasingly applying modern (integrated) contract forms to these projects, which results in a changing role for both asset owner and contractor. The asset owner requires more responsibility from the contractor for monitoring the quality of the deliverable product, using his own quality system. It is up to the contractor to prove that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.
To keep a grip on the process and the quality, asset owners apply Contract Management to audit (using a risk-based approach) if the contractor is actually correctly applying his quality system.

Benefits for Contract Management

Relatics offers the following benefits when applying it for Contract Management:

Manage information concerning all relevant audits, including audit questions & answers and the relation to risks from the risk register.

Registering all relevant data resulting from the audit process, for example findings, shortcomings and consequences for the risk register.

Stay in control through creation, monitoring and updating of the audit planning.

Generate high-quality reports, for example audit reports.

Personal dashboards tailored to the specific needs of for example the audit coordinator, lead auditors or the contract manager.

Obviously, this solution can easily be integrated with a requirements management or Systems Engineering application in Relatics, giving you full control over the complete project, from the first customer requirement until completion. In this way, no information gets lost and your data stays traceable.



Demo of Contract Management application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize a Requirements Management application completely to their needs.

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