Contract Management

Relatics is a web-based tool used for Contract Management in complex building and infrastructural projects. Asset owners are increasingly applying modern (integrated) contract forms to these projects, which results in a changing role for both asset owner and contractor. The asset owner requires more responsibility from the contractor for monitoring the quality of the deliverable product, using his own quality system. It is up to the contractor to prove that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.
To keep a grip on the process and the quality, asset owners apply Contract Management to audit (using a risk-based approach) if the contractor is actually correctly applying his quality system.

Benefits for Contract Management

Relatics offers the following benefits when applying it for Contract Management:

Manage information concerning all relevant audits, including audit questions & answers and the relation to risks from the risk register.

Registering all relevant data resulting from the audit process, for example findings, shortcomings and consequences for the risk register.

Stay in control through creation, monitoring and updating of the audit planning.

Generate high-quality reports, for example audit reports.

Personal dashboards tailored to the specific needs of for example the audit coordinator, lead auditors or the contract manager.

Obviously, this solution can easily be integrated with a requirements management or Systems Engineering application in Relatics, giving you full control over the complete project, from the first customer requirement until completion. In this way, no information gets lost and your data stays traceable.

Demo of Contract Management application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize a Requirements Management application completely to their needs.

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Contract management and VISI at the Province of North Holland

The Province of North Holland has been working with Relatics for a number of years, initially only for the system requirement specification. Starting in 2014, it was also possible to apply the contract management methodology of the province using Relatics, first on one specific areal contract and later on multiple projects. In addition, since 2016,…

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Contract management process at engineering firm Iv-Infra

Engineering firm Iv-Infra mainly supports asset owners with integrated contracts and contract management. For at least ten years now, they have used Relatics to support their processes. Each project will consciously determine the area in which the standard method is chosen and where it chooses to deviate from it. Presentation (in Dutch) The complete contract…

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Effective collaboration on the outer ring road for Parkstad Limburg project

The outer ring road Parkstad Limburg project (BPL) has a clear objective: ensuring better accessibility of and for the Parkstad region. To this end consortium BPL (Boskalis, Rasenberg, and Besix) 

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Tailor-made solutions for project information needs with BIM and GIS integration

How do you prevent project information from being stored at two locations or not stored at all? Relatics can solve a significant part of the information issues on projects. But Relatics alone will not cover the full scope on a large integral project, states Maarten Visser from the Witteveen+Bos engineering firm in the Netherlands. “For…

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The application of Relatics in the tender of the Rotterdamsebaan

The Rotterdamsebaan is the road between junction Ypenburg (A4/A13) and the center ring of The Hague. In 2014 – 2015 the tender for this project has taken place. Relatics is used during both the question specification as the formal communication with candidates during the dialogue phase. Presentation (in Dutch) About the author Joost Joustra is…

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Experiences with CMDB/OTL/COINS by VolkerInfra

In this presentation, the experiences gained by VolkerInfra are shared on three different projects related to the CMDB and the OTL. There will be a closer look at the search for what’s exactly CMDB, what you can do with it, what is the demand of the client and how the OTL is being used. Presentation…

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Project Control Noord/Zuidlijn with Relatics by ON and OG

In this presentation, a picture is sketched how the client and the contractor are using Relatics as a project management tool for this complex and prestigious project. These include requirements management, verification structure scenarios, Audits, Safety Case Management and Monitor. Presentation (in Dutch) About the authors Adriaan den Hartogh has been working at Arcadis Netherlands…

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Grip™ on flexibility

How do you enable flexibility to projects (decentralised), while you want to achieve a central controlled situation. Here are choices made in the beginning and in the presentation of Willem van de Wetering, working at Rijkswaterstaat, the experiences on this subject are examined. Presentation (in Dutch) About the author As an employee of Rijkswaterstaat Willem…

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