Custom Selections

Do you find user-friendliness as important as we do? Then sign up for this workshop on Custom Selections – the possibilities are more extensive than you might think. We will help you with some simple but powerful tips and tricks. By adopting a targeted approach to the more advanced constructions (for instance with @AnchorID), you never to need to rely on trial & error again.


In these workshops we use various practical examples to help you understand the theory and directly apply the knowledge to your own situation. The workshops are given by our consultants, and there is ample opportunity for questions and to exchange knowledge and experiences with other participants.

This workshop is intended for users who configure Relatics workspaces and wish to use advanced Relatics functionalities.

Participation in this workshop requires a completed Configuration Basics training and experience with configuring Relatics.


Workshop duration: one afternoon (from 13.30 to 17.00).

The workshops are given at the Relatics head office in Ridderkerk.

Participation in Relatics workshops is free of charge.