Relatics is a challenging product, and it’s our job to keep improving it. This applies not just to the functionality, but also to the actual development process. Our goal is to develop efficient software. That’s why our scrum teams take an Agile approach, working with short iterations, but always according to a clear structure. That’s how we can assure the quality of the work, and can deliver our software quickly and bug-free. And can ensure that our customers fully benefit from new features in their daily activities.


We work with a multidisciplinary team that controls the entire development process, from database to the front-end. Everyone in our team draws on his or her own special discipline to make Relatics better, more complete and more user-friendly with each sprint.


Our development team builds and tests complex software that demands much from our developers and testers. In addition to technological know-how and expertise, it requires a healthy combination of creativity, team spirit, and stubbornness. At the same time we work according to a clear and testable process to always achieve the best possible results.


We obviously stay on top of all the latest technologies. Developments like Artificial Intelligence, NoSQL and micro-services help us to anticipate the future. This way, we are always ready to embrace innovations and to translate these into software that will help our customers get ahead. 


As a Software Engineer at Relatics, you are in a position to work with the latest technologies.      You are responsible for both designing and building cool new features.''


''As a Software Engineer, I work on thoroughly tested features with a high code quality, as part of the constant improvement of Relatics.''




Technical Software Analist

Do you have experience with developing and delivering software? Do you want to work in an organisation that is ahead of the pack in terms of technology, are you analytical,…

Medior/Senior Software Engineer

Are you experienced in developing and delivering software? Would you like to work in a company that is constantly committed to innovation, do you enjoy building new features, and do…

Junior Software Engineer

Are you just starting out, and does the idea of developing software really appeal to you? Are you eager to learn, do you have an eye for detail, and would…

Departments within Relatics

IT Operations

The IT Operations team makes sure that Relatics functions without a hitch for our customers. We deliver the software to the production environment, bug-free, and host everything. This way, the…

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As an accountmanager, you build a long-term relationship with your customer. Such a relationship is always based on mutual trust. The challenge is to always understand what the customer really …

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Relatics is a challenging product, and it’s our job to keep improving it. This applies not just to the functionality, but also to the actual development process. Our goal is…

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Our experienced consultants help our customers to configure their Relatics environment. To achieve the best results, it is important to know exactly what the customer wants. Only then can we…

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Business Development

Listening carefully to our customers is the only way to make sure that we are helping them in the best possible way. That’s why we are so devoted to building…

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Office Management

Our Office Management team ensures that everyone at Relatics can support our customers in the best possible way. To do so we concentrate on four disciplines: PR, Facility Management, Finance…

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