Relatics is a private cloud-based multi-user solution that gives professionals access to all project information and offers a thorough understanding of their construction project. Our highly secure service assures the integrity of data and safe access for all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of your project. All you need is a web browser to maintain control over your project, from any place, at any time. All you need is a web browser to maintain control over your project, from any place, at any time.

Developed by and for engineers

Construction industry is one of the least digitized branches and has always struggled to adopt new technologies. In many cases, spreadsheet software is still the most important application to manage project data. Relatics has been developed with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of construction projects. Together with our clients and their projects we constantly analyze the way of working and identify fundamental differences with other industries. This makes Relatics a disruptive application that takes IT support for construction projects to the next level.

Relationships at your fingertips

Project complexity is not about the thousands of risks, requirements, or objects. It is about the countless relationships between them. Traditionally, relationships have never been explicitly recorded, let alone managed. People were constantly analyzing information hidden in documents and mentally reconstructing how everything is inter-related.

The core feature of Relatics is a semantic engine that enables users to manage explicit relations in a meaningful way. It eliminates the time-consuming effort to understand how everything is connected. In one click, you understand how everything comes together.

Integration of distributed information

Relatics offers project members one single place where all project information is stored in a fully integrated fashion. Information can be managed within Relatics (from scratch or copied from former spreadsheets) or just as easily be integrated via interfaces (e.g. with CAD, DMS, Planning). Using the network of meaningful relationships as a framework, increases the value of information significantly. Changes in information no longer occur in isolation. Instead, impact is immediately apparent for the project as a whole.

Inside every project; any tool that professionals need to build away!

  • Automatic generation of custom styled reports based on live data
  • Often used for requirements specifications, verifications reports and risk matrices

  • Seamless integration of Autodesk, SharePoint, Primavera etc. via web services
  • Uniform presentation inside Relatics, while ownership of data outside Relatics

  • Keep track of all changes; when was what edited by whom
  • Make snapshot of your data and analyze differences with previous moments

  • Monitor project status – e.g. your workload or top 10 risks
  • Built-in graphs or integration with Microsoft Power BI

  • Maintain central library with objects, risks etc. and apply directly in your projects to increase speed and quality

  • Invite project member from outside your organization (e.g. subcontractor, supplier)
  • Manage user rights on elementary level (element types, relation types)
  • Context portals for views customized for different types of users

  • Availability of rich data structure to migrate data from spreadsheets and top-heavy applications
  • Guaranteed data integrity by supporting all relevant data types (e.g. date, GPS, money)
  • Formulas to support risk assessments or payment mechanisms

  • Advanced model selector to get answer to any question
  • Fine-tune standard overviews to answer ad-hoc questions

  • Flexible engine to migrate data of spreadsheets or top-heavy applications to Relatics
  • XML-based and Office exports (Excel, Word) for application neutral file storage and exchange