Full support for data types

This release takes Relatics to a new level of data validity. From now on, properties can be constrained so that only a specific data type is allowed.


Besides the existing data types List, Date, Time and Location also Integer, Decimal, Money and Text are supported. Validation of input guarantees that all data complies with a specific data type. Regardless of whether users enter data manually or create new data by imports, API’s or Append technology, only valid data is allowed.


This new feature ensures that only valid information is stored and mistakes are prevented. Additionally, data types bring some additional improvements to Relatics:

  • Sorting & paging: Knowing the data type helps the query to maintain the appropriate sorting order.
  • Visualization:  Knowing the data type helps a table to make the right decision between for example left or right alignment.
  • Export to Excel: Exports to Excel will now be enriched with data type information so that Excel can interpret and display the data accordingly.
  • New query functions: Min and Max functions are now available for properties with the data type ‘Date’. In case of Integer or Decimal, a query can filter to a constant.
  • Query constraint validation: Functional designers receive immediate feedback when a constraint is not defined correctly.
  • Reports: The data type is included in the XSD-definition, which makes it easier to define reports.
  • Performance: Using data types decreases the response time of queries.

Release date

Expected date of release: April 30 2019.