Icons for Systems Engineering

When it comes to developing Relatics Workspaces for Systems Engineering (SE), I’m a big fan of famfamfam’s well-known Silk Icons. The use of color makes it easy to tell the icons apart, and their simple design makes them very intuitive for end users. For many commonly used elements and concepts in SE Workspaces, we have made our own selection of Silk Icons. We have supplemented this selection with other (self-designed) icons.

Icons for Systems Engineering based on famfamfam

At the end of this article, you can download the set of icons for Systems Engineering. You can apply them in your own Project Workspace in Workspace Studio in the menu ‘Model’ by uploading the corresponding icon for each element. In this way, the icons are displayed in tables and trees. Don’t forget to upload the icons in Workspace Studio in the menu ‘Documents’. In this way you can apply the icons to links in the menu to improve the end user experience even more.

In every project, you will need a few icons that are not part of the selection. But no worries: Google Images is your friend! I always enjoy soaking up some image-related inspiration by performing searches using various terms and the word “Icon”. If you have a clear idea of the kind of icon you are looking for, you can search more specifically by filtering the image search results to 16px by 16px using “Tools”  -> “Size”  -> “Exactly”. This size works best in most Relatics Themes. After that, all you need to do is choose an icon whose style fits with the other icons.



You can download the icon set here.

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