Knowledge Event Project information on the map 2018

The mapping of project information takes place more frequent. The demand for managing project information more central is therefore increasing. Thus, we organized an event on GIS interfaces on Thursday 26 April. Enthusiastic experts from Tauw and Combinatie Herepoort presented their practical case on this afternoon. The presentations and the subject struck attention. Before, during and after the presentations, attendees took the time to dive into the subject. The afternoon ended with a bite and a drink while visitors stuck around for a chat.


Area information model (GIM) of Tauw

Tauw has been using Relatics for several years and uses various tooling on multiple projects. This presentation is about their area information model (GIM). In Relatics a dashboard has been…

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The integration of GIS and Relatics at Herepoort

Combinatie Herepoort is the contractor combination that executes the conversion of the southern ring road of the city of Groningen. Two German and four companies from the north of the…

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More information?

If you would like to receive more information or if you want to participate in our future events, please do not hesitate to contact our account management department ( or +31 (0)180 413 047).

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