Knowledge Event ‘Relatics in the tender phase’

The 8th Relatics Knowledge Event had as subject ‘Relatics in the tender phase’ and was visited by 71 participants from 34 different organizations. Both clients, contractors and engineering firms. A diverse group that discussed about using Relatics in the process of the tender phase.


Heijmans showed us their process but took at least as much time to excite the audience with a few statements. “Client and contractor should work in one Relatics environment” and “Client should explain the idea behind the information structure”. Everyone agreed on is that it is important to have the right set of information, to be open and transparent about this and that the client’s requirements must be properly controlled. The contradictions must be removed as soon as possible. 

VolkerInfra explained how they went from a hardcopy booklet with markings and post-its to a semi-automated system and process. “The tooling and a check-up are important, but it is also important to assume everyone’s craftsmanship. Not everything has to be demonstrated explicitly and objectively”. VolkerInfra gave an insightful view of how you can successfully prepare an offer. It is a good idea to make a decision on how much time is spent on fathoming the assignment for each tender, but certainly, with the larger projects it is worth nothing to save on this. 

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