Relatics believes that people who understand the complexity of their challenges make sustainable solutions. Whether you create a new tunnel, plan a trip to Mars or just want to lose weight, a thorough understanding of the problem is an absolute necessity. There is no quick fix. This philosophy is the basis for everything we do at Relatics. This is how we make great software and how we help and support our customers with their construction projects.

Our Company

Relatics is a Dutch company, with head office in Ridderkerk. Since its establishment in 2003, Relatics has become the leading software application to support Systems Engineering for construction projects. Thousands of projects all around the world and more than 50,000 users manage their projects with Relatics.


Relatics is where people work with passion. We see problems as challenges. We believe in an Inside-Out strategy: creating innovative ideas from internal strengths and abilities. Organized in small teams with no manager hierarchy, we adopted an agile way of working and are always focused on helping our customers to create beautiful constructions.
Jobs at Relatics