Relatics: Model-Based Systems Engineering software for Construction Projects

A cloud-based multi-user solution that gives professionals the ability to understand the complexity of their project so that they can create sustainable solutions.

Relatics is the only application that enables you to understand how everything within your project is related to each other. No matter how complex, it allows you to find anything instantly, prevents unwanted surprises, and empowers you to build away freely.
Software Features

The core feature of Relatics is a semantic engine that enables users to manage explicit relations between all project elements in a meaningful way. This framework constitutes the basis for storing all project information by which a thorough understanding of their construction project is guaranteed.
Systems Engineering

Relatics allows the construction industry to adopt Systems Engineering effectively and bring projects for both client and contractor to the next level. Relatics helps you to transform from a document to a model-driven approach and gain the benefits of working together across all disciplines.