The integration of GIS and Relatics at Herepoort

Combinatie Herepoort is the contractor combination that executes the conversion of the southern ring road of the city of Groningen. Two German and four companies from the north of the Netherlands work together in this combination. The project revolves around the renewal and expansion of 12 kilometers of national highway, including accompanying modifications to the underlying road network. Highlights include making the Julianaplein free of traffic lights and creating a recessed road with a park above.

Presentation (in Dutch)

The map as extra Building Block

by Coenraad Roerig en Folkert Metselaar

Within large infra projects the use of Relatics has become fully established. In addition to Relatics, most projects have arranged their document management with a Document Management System. The last addition to these two systems is the use of GIS. Using GIS, large amounts of research, documents and objects can be clearly displayed on a map.

At Herepoort we have maximized the potential of GIS by combining Relatics, the DMS and GIS in one screen. In addition to the standard trees and tables in Relatics, we are now also able to add maps. The card is therefore used as an extra 'Building Block'. With the map, we give the project employees literally and figuratively a better picture of the project.

When integrating three information systems you encounter technical and organizational challenges. This presentation shows how we have dealt with these challenges and what we have learned from them. On the technical level, we have learned that reliability and performance are essential for the confidence of the user. On the organizational level, we have learned that simplicity and comprehensibility - especially in the turbulent world of large projects - are the only way to ensure that something is used.

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