Relatics at Boskalis

At Boskalis we work with Relatics as a Systems Engineering and project management tool. It helps us manage integrated contracts. The use of Relatics starts in the tender process. Once a work has been accepted, project control gets better. Information management is crucial in multidisciplinary contracts. Everyone must have access to the same, up-to-date information and the exchange must go well. Furthermore, the use of Relatics contributes to a more efficient delivery and completion process. By using a standard template, we can also offer an unambiguous method for our employees.

Presentation (in Dutch)

The road to an adult Relatics model at Boskalis

By: Evert Hooning

The presentation will discuss the Relatics implementation at Boskalis. For Boskalis, this starts with the first Relatics template in 2015. Then the steps which have been taken to make the implementation a success, will be considered.