Relatics main sponsor Incose Grande Finale

Relatics is official main sponsor of the INCOSE Grande Finale. INCOSE is a non-profit association, established in 1990, with the aim of promoting the application and development of Systems Engineering.Relatics is the leading software system used for projects in the construction and infrastructure to manage all information within a project. Relatics offers, by its central focus on requirements and the information network around it, support in verifying projects and implementing Systems Engineering.

About Incose

Systems Engineering is an integrated and structured approach for the realization of successful systems. Systems Engineers are often used for the design of complex systems such as airplanes, trains, cars, software, defense components and infrastructure. The realization that Systems Engineering has a much wider scope and can be of use for all kinds of type systems - also think of complex processes and organizations - was the reason for the establishment of INCOSE. INCOSE Netherlands is part of INCOSE International. INCOSE has over 400 members in the Netherlands.

Anniversary year

In 2016, it is 20 years ago that INCOSE-NL was founded as a Dutch chapter of INCOSE International Council on Systems Engineering. This anniversary year is closed with the ' SE Experience – Grande Finale '. The symposium, with the theme 'Shaping the Future', will take place on Thursday November 24th at Media Plaza (Jaarbeurs Utrecht). INCOSE presents its long-term vision of development of SE in the Netherlands.


Articles about Systems Engineering

Smart information management as a basis for shorter lead times

Suppose you’re a contractor and the client wants you to reduce the completion time of a project by 2.5 years; what do you do? This is the challenge that Combinatie Ommelanderdiek (Boskalis Nederland and KWS Infra) is tackling in the project Dijkverbetering Eemshaven – Delfzijl. The Noorderzijlvest Water Board wants 12 kilometres of dyke to…

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Sweco makes sure information provision to client is always up-to-date

Raised bog only occurs in a few places in the Netherlands, one of which is national park De Groote Peel. The Province of Noord-Brabant has now embarked on a project titled LIFE+ Groote Peel, aimed at restoring raised bog in the area. Keeping the water level stable is indispensable to this effort, and to improve the…

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Systems Engineering (SE)

Relatics provides projects the possibility to manage information completely according to Systems Engineering. Requirements, stakeholders, functions, design components, interfaces, tests, activities, work packages and risks are typical elements for which information is captured. Throughout the life cycle many relations emerge and a strong momentum exists between the parties involved. Using Relatics as a Systems Engineering software…

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Tailor-made solutions for project information needs with BIM and GIS integration

How do you prevent project information from being stored at two locations or not stored at all? Relatics can solve a significant part of the information issues on projects. But Relatics alone will not cover the full scope on a large integral project, states Maarten Visser from the Witteveen+Bos engineering firm in the Netherlands. “For…

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World Solar Challenge door Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2015. Relatics played an important role in the daily way of working within the team. It in this presentation there is told about the experiences, the race and the connection between Relatics and Solar Team Twente. Presentation (in Dutch) About the author…

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The application of Relatics in the tender of the Rotterdamsebaan

The Rotterdamsebaan is the road between junction Ypenburg (A4/A13) and the center ring of The Hague. In 2014 – 2015 the tender for this project has taken place. Relatics is used during both the question specification as the formal communication with candidates during the dialogue phase. Presentation (in Dutch) About the author Joost Joustra is…

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Relatics in the implementation phase; an optimal process by the use of mobile and Relatics

Roelofs is using Relatics for quite some time in the design phase. By combining this with Mobile, the performer can capture information, such as inspections and deviations directly in Relatics by using any mobile device. This works user friendly, fast and extremely effective!   Presentation (in Dutch) About the author Rob Hendriks is Design Leader…

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Grip™ on flexibility

How do you enable flexibility to projects (decentralised), while you want to achieve a central controlled situation. Here are choices made in the beginning and in the presentation of Willem van de Wetering, working at Rijkswaterstaat, the experiences on this subject are examined. Presentation (in Dutch) About the author As an employee of Rijkswaterstaat Willem…

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Save money and make the best design choices with Value Engineering

When performing information management on a project at first the project process and the resulting information needs, need to be looked at. This often shows that Relatics is not the only system in which information is recorded. However you would like to you capture the information only once in one place. This presentation shows how…

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