Requirements Management

Relatics is a web-based tool used for Requirements Management in large construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects. From the start of the project all information such as requirements, stakeholders, goals, design components, tests and documents is fully traceable. Project members get a grip on requirements as information is managed effectively, always remains traceable and because the dynamic information need is met.

Benefits for Requirements Management

Relatics software the following benefits for large projects:  

Organize information in an explicit, coherent network of requirements and other project information. Easily extend the information network for your project.  

Comprehensive traceability allows you to look at information from all possible perspectives. Browse through the network and gain insight in requirements from linked stakeholders and documents, requirements connected to design components, and requirements related to other requirements.  

Manage change and capture explicit information such as versions of requirement texts and design decisions. Or automatically track changes in requirements using baselines and the history browser.  

Powerful checks to ensure that information within the project is always complete, consistent and accurate. For example, by obtaining all goals without a requirement, all requirements without a design component or rather all design components without a requirement.  

Generate high quality deliverables such as complete requirements specifications, test plans, test reports, and contract documents.

Demo of Requirements Management application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize a Requirements Management application completely to their needs.

Request an online demo or contact us via +31 180 413 047 or

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