Risk Control by Infraspeed Maintenance

Infraspeed Maintenance (IMBV) is the asset management organization responsible for the maintenance of the track and overhead wiring of the HSL-South (High-Speed Line South), for a period of 25 years. During this interactive presentation, Infraspeed will give an insight into the risk control process during asset management.

Presentation (in Dutch)

Risk Control during Asset Management

by Sjaak Verhoef 

Infraspeed Maintenance BV applies risk management at every level (strategical, tactical and operational) of the organization.

Previously, all the separate organization parts managed their risks in their own separate systems or Excel sheets. For every project, a separate “RISMAN” risk overview was created using an Excel sheet. The Management Team realized that they would be able to control the organization more effectively if they would have a central overview of the current organizational and project risks.

In short, there was an opportunity to improve the risk management approach. Infraspeed then decided to question their current approach during the ISO 55001 certification stage. There was a need for more standardization and centralization. And therefore the use of a tool like Relatics.

Several standards (ISO 9001, ISO 31000, ISO 55001 and EN 50126) and the Systems Engineering theory were used as a guideline for designing the risk management model. To make sure the end users would use the system as designed, they first followed a combined course in Systems Engineering and Risk Management.