Introduction Relatics 6

Relatics 6 is a brand-new platform of our Relatics software. It builds upon the innovations of Relatics 5 but brings the support of Systems Engineering to a whole new level. More insight in the complexity of your project with less effort.

Although Relatics 6 is fully functional and can be used to support your projects, it has not yet reached the same richness in functionality as Relatics 5. Some features of Relatics 5 still need to be covered in Relatics 6. This page offers insight in our roadmap regarding the development of those features. As such, it helps existing customers to decide when and which projects can start in Relatics 6 and benefit from the new potential.

Additionally, this page addresses the most frequently asked questions about Relatics 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relatics 6 is now available for all our clients. Please contact your account manager to gain access. He/she will register your request. To ensure quality, actual access will be granted in phases, starting from mid-December. A new training is available, and our consultants are ready to assist with the configuration of Relatics 6 and provide guidance on implementation strategies.
Yes, there is a new two-day training for Power Users in Relatics 6. More details about the content and training dates can be found here. The fee for the training is €1,995, with a 50% discount for employees who have previously attended the Power User training in Relatics 5, valid until the end of 2024.
Yes. We will continue to support and enhance Relatics 5. You can continue to create workspaces in Relatics 5 without any limitations in the coming years. This gives you control over when you want to start projects in Relatics 6.
Nothing. There are no contractual implications with the use of Relatics 6. The usage falls within the terms of the existing license agreement.
None. We only consider unique active users, regardless of whether they have been active in Relatics 5 and/or Relatics 6.
Certainly! Contact your account manager for a demo and to address all your questions.


The roadmap is aligned with our way of working. Our R&D teams are assigned to features to be developed within a 9-week cycle run. Before rolling out, those features are fully tested and completed with help instructions. After every run, features to be developed are planned for future runs. The roadmap presented on this page shows only planned features of the two upcoming runs, to give an acceptable degree of reliability.
Relatics 6.1 Released
V5 features covered
Webservices / Interfaces
Create new instead of select*

Relatics 6.2 In development
R&D start date: 8 January 2024
V5 features to be covered
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Publish to Excel

Relatics 6.3 Proposed
R&D start date: 11 March 2024
V5 features to be covered
Current user - filters
Webservices for providing data

Relatics 6.x To be assigned
V5 features to be covered
Aggregates & Summaries
Advanced selections
Conditional formatting*
Context Portals
Email functionality*

Remote Attributes
Generic Search*
Libraries (Append / Referencing)
Images in Reports

* functionality created by functional designers with scripting in Relatics 5.

Please note, the features mentioned, as well as the planning of those features, are subject to change. Furthermore, only those features are mentioned that are part of Relatics 5, currently missing in Relatics 6 and planned to be implemented in Relatics 6.

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