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Email communication plays an important role in many Relatics Workspaces. For instance, you can notify others (project co-workers or external parties) of a status change, an accepted request, or can answer a service query. Relatics offers several configuration options for this feature, at both Environment and Workspace level.
Through my daily customer contacts, I notice that many Functional Designers are not aware of these features, while a number of small changes can significantly increase the ease of use and customer-friendliness.


The basic settings for email are configured at the Environment level. Besides configuring the mail server, you can also define the sender name and email address. We recommend you do so, as it increases the certainty that the email will arrive safely in the receiver’s inbox. If this setting is not configured, then all email will be sent automatically from a no-reply address. Another reason to enter a reply address is that it offers the receiver the option of easily responding to the email, simply by clicking on ‘reply’.


When a new user is created, he/she receives an email with an invitation link. This link serves to verify the user’s email address and to enable the user to set a personal password. The layout of the email message can be adapted by Environment administrators. This offers the option of displaying further information in the email, such as user instructions or contact information for support.


In each Workspace, email settings can be configured per project. Email messages can then be sent from the project email address, and replies will be delivered to that email address. The Functional Designer can create email applications in the Workspace using the Relatics SendMail API.

Further information

Further information on using these options is available at our Knowledge Base:

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