Separation of create and delete permissions

In this release, we offer a new implementation to configure user rights for entering and deleting information. This gives more control on how user roles are configured.



Up till now, the right to create elements and relations implied the right to also delete these objects. In many cases, this is the desired behavior, but not always. Consider the creation of requirements or risks that are enriched by many users with all kinds of information during the project life cycle. The ability to delete these elements should be excluded. The same may be true for the comments that are posted in a conversation between different parties. You don’t want any of these comments to be deleted, because this would corrupt the conversation.

In the new approach, create and delete rights are configured separately. This gives more control over how User roles are set up.

Additionally, we simplified the settings for user roles.

Note: the improvements above changed the storage of the user management settings. In case your workspace contains custom queries that retrieve this system information, they should be changed accordingly.

Release date

Released on September 22, 2016.