Single Sign On (SSO)

Relatics now offers an advanced authentication technology called Single Sign On (SSO). This technology enable users to access all of their enterprise cloud applications by signing in one time for all services.  For example once a user has authenticated himself on an identity provider like Microsoft Azure Active Directory Relatics and applications like Sharepoint become instantly accessible.



With single sign-on, or SSO in short, you can set up the authentication of a Relatics environment to rely on another system. When a user accesses a Relatics account, the process of signing in is outsourced to for example Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD). After signing in successfully in AAD, the user has access to Relatics.

End users do only have to remember one password and are more satisfied with less login procedures. In addition IT departments are relieved of of hassle around password and user management across many applications.

Release date

Expected date of release: June 15, 2018.