Relatics is a private cloud-based multi-user solution that gives professionals access to all project information and offers a thorough understanding of their construction project. All you need is a web browser to maintain control over your project, from any place, at any time. Our highly secure service assures the integrity of data and safe access for all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Relationships at your fingertips

Project complexity is not about the thousands of risks, requirements or objects. It is about the countless relationships between them. Traditionally, relationships have never been explicitly managed or recorded. People were constantly analyzing information hidden in documents and mentally reconstructing how everything is inter-related. The core feature of Relatics is a semantic engine that enables users to manage explicit relations in a meaningful way. It eliminates the time-consuming effort to understand how everything is connected. You are always just one click away from understanding how everything comes together.

Integration of distributed information

Relatics offers project members one single place where all project information is completely integrated. Information can be managed within Relatics (i.e. after taking it over from former spreadsheets) or just as easily be integrated via interfaces (e.g. with CAD, DMS, Planning). Using the network of meaningful relationships as a framework increases the value of information significantly. Changes in information no longer occur in isolation. Instead, impact is immediately apparent for the project as a whole.

Fully featured application

Besides its unique ability to offer insight into project complexity, Relatics is equipped with all necessary features to manage construction projects. Features like baselining, reporting or web services are available for users and are delivered via a universal and intuitive user interface. Feel free to contact us so we can arrange a demo for you that shows the full potential of Relatics.
  • Advanced reporting functionalities
    Advanced reporting functionalities