Solar Team Twente on track for world title Solar Challenge with Relatics

The World Solar Challenge will take place in Australia from the 6th of October until the 13th. The event will start in Darwin and travel the Stuart Highway to finish in Adelaide. As was the case with previous editions, Twente University will participate with their own Solar car. This year Relatics has chosen to sponsor Solar Team Twente in their efforts to win the race. The team uses Relatics to manage all components and requirements of the car, as well as the verifications.

A good racing strategy requires an equally good preparation

Efficient balancing of power resources and power consumption is the key to success during the race. At any moment in time the optimal driving speed depends on the weather (forecast) and the remaining capacity of the batteries. The team members in the (normal) escort cars will continuously and remotely retrieve data from the solar car about its condition and use this data as input for prior developed computer programs to work out the best driving strategy.

A good racing strategy requires an equally good preparation; we are convinced Relatics will be of added value in this process.