Systems Engineering (SE)

Relatics provides projects the possibility to manage information completely according to Systems Engineering. Requirements, stakeholders, functions, design components, interfaces, tests, activities, work packages and risks are typical elements for which information is captured. Throughout the life cycle many relations emerge and a strong momentum exists between the parties involved. Using Relatics as a Systems Engineering software tool makes projects manageable.

Benefits for Systems Engineering

Relatics software offers the following benefits for projects:  

Organize information in an explicit, coherent network of requirements, design components, functions and other project information. You can conform to standards (ISO 15288, INCOSE handbook SE) but also make project-specific changes.  

Extend the application during the lifecycle of the project. For example, in the phases of competitive dialogue, contract management or asset management.  

Comprehensive traceability allows you to look at information from all possible perspectives. Browse through the network and gain insight in requirements from linked tests and objects, interfaces between design components, and activities related to work packages and requirements.  

Powerful checks to ensure that information within the project is always complete, consistent and accurate. For example, by obtaining all design components without a requirement or all design components without a test.  

Generate high quality deliverables such as complete requirements specifications, test plans, test reports, risk registers, interface reports and contract documents.

Demo of Systems Engineering application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize a Requirements Management application completely to their needs.

Request an online demo or contact us via +31 180 413 047 or

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