VolkerInfra: Understanding the case, applying Relatics in the tender phase

VolkerInfra has been using Relatics since 2009. The template developed within Relatics, called VISE (VolkerInfra Systems Engineering), is used on projects of VolkerInfra and operating companies within the Infrastructure division. In order to support teams during the tender phase in working towards the winning offer, a number of modules have been developed in recent years.

Presentation (in Dutch)

Understanding the case, applying Relatics in the tender phase

Tim van Leeuwen and Maarten Stoutenbeek – VolkerInfra

To understand the problem and turning it into a good offer in a short time is a challenge. The projects have become more complex, the information you start with often differs in quality and so does the tender form. How do you ensure that you extract the essence from the question, identify the risks and opportunities and make this negotiable with the customer? We come from a situation where each person has his own hardcopy booklet with markings and post-its. We have come a long way, but we still trust people on their blue eyes. We start from craftsmanship, not everything has to be demonstrated explicitly and objectively. Especially during a tender. In recent years we have been able to use Relatics to support a number of processes that a project goes through in a tender phase.

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