End-user Training

The End-user Training is a first introduction of Relatics. This training wil help you getting familiar with all the possibilities of Relatics. Users are constantly requesting and processing information. Relatics offers numerous functions for this, including search and filter functions. Also sorting and various shortcuts to modify information are mentioned. Understanding these functions helps users to work more efficiently. 


Information can be found more quickly and the chance of errors or misunderstandings decreases. Understanding the principles of Relatics means that actions like copying, deleting and moving information can be performed in a more targeted way.

After completing the End-user Training you will feel more confident working with Relatics workspaces. The knowledge and skills you acquire will help you to get more out of Relatics.


Target group

The End-user Training is for users with little to no experience of working with Relatics and who want to expand their instrumental skills. No ICT knowledge is required to use Relatics. No prior education is required to participate in this training.


Duration: one half-day.

Price (VAT exclusive): the price for a maximum of 16 participants is € 3500 for the first time, and € 1250 for each subsequent time.


The End-user Training is only available in organisation-exclusive form. This means that a training is arranged exclusively for you as customer. Of course you can use the facilities at the Relatics office or you can use one of your own training locations.