Environmental Management

Analyze information of stakeholders and translate their concerns and wishes in specific requirements. 

Benefits for Environmental Management

The Relatics Environment Management Application provides the following benefits to projects:

This application enables you to capture all (NAW) information from stakeholders within a project. In addition, there can also be an indication of the amount of influence a stakeholder has.

After all stakeholders have been identified, all relevant stakeholder information relevant to the project, such as interests, wishes, requirements and problems, is recorded.

Issues or problems can be defined clearly and transparently and interfaces can be created between the issues and stakeholders.

Issues, which are relevant for the project, should be translated into customer requirements. The customer requirements are related to these issues, so as to derive from which stakeholder the requirements come from.

By translating customer requirements into system requirements, it becomes clear which requirements apply to the objects to be designed.

Demo of Environmental Management application

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects to customize an Environmental Management application completely to their needs.

Request an online demo or contact us via +31 180 413 047 or info@relatics.com.

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