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New Gotthard rail tunnel

ARGE Fahrbahn Transtec Gotthard

De Oversteek Nijmegen



Knowledge Event Riskmanagement 2018

Monitoring risks and making risk based decisions often runs like a red thread through projects. Therefore, it is a common application in Relatics. For this reason, and following the very…

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Knowledge Event Riskmanagement 2017

Risk Management is often one of the most important aspects in a project and is therefore often included as an integral part in the Relatics application. Therefore, on December 7,…

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Relatics receives FD Gazellen Award 2017

For the eighth year running, Relatics has been designated one of the FD Gazellen 2017, as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. This year, FD has recognised 754…

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Relatics nominated for FD Gazellen Award 2017

For the eighth consecutive year, Relatics has been nominated for the FD Gazellen Award. This is a prize awarded annually by the Financial Daily to companies that are profitable and financially …

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Controlling complexity and dynamics in the Oosterweelverbinding project

With a new Schelde tunnel and tunnels under the Albert canal, the Oosterweelverbinding (Oosterweel connection) will complete the Antwerp ring road (R1). On behalf of the government of Flanders, Beheersmaatschappij…

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