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Fire Safety Management, Information Management

Whereas most companies use Relatics mainly for managing infrastructural and building requirements, we at All Data Solutions try to take it a step further. We like to think out of the box and create new application fields for this superb management software.

Many companies are struggling with a large amount of spreadsheets hidden in folders, where nobody is able to find the information they are looking for. All Data Solutions creates customized solutions for your company. Whether you are struggling with massive amounts of data or trying to create order in the chaos, together we will find a solution to solve those problems.

With our renowned safety management environment we create new standards for public and civil safety environments. Our easy to use “meeting” software is another fine example of the “out of the box” thinking using the Relatics software. With this module we fill a gap for small and large companies struggling with agenda items, finding that meeting report with the correct information. At All Data Solutions we really exploit Relatics to it’s full potential.

Project Management, Contract Management, Process Management, Systems Engineering

CPM Consultancy is a company operating in project-, process-, contract- and information management. Our consultants have many years of experience in construction, working both for construction companies and governments. We have expert knowledge of Relatics. Our strength is to combine this knowledge with the experience in construction to efficient information management in Relatics that suits your needs.

CPM can provide a readily available template in Relatics which enables you to control, among others, requirements, interfaces, risks, documents, verification, permits and changes. Besides the regular reports, this template is equipped with several reports that provide relevant information for the management to steer the project. Rather have a custom made model? Together, with the help of the experience with SCRUM, we can come to a specific template that suits your organization best and helps you to save time in managing the project-information.

Custom Software, General Applications, Information Systems, Functional Design, .Net/Javascript components

Deep Blue is a bit different. We support a wide variety of companies, mostly outside construction and infrastructure. Our focus is on delivering software to support processes within companies. Our core competence is designing and developing custom made software (Java, PHP, .Net). We use Relatics as a platform to build data-driven applications. For instance for CRM, contract management, legislation, housing corporations and quality control.

Because of our knowledge of software development, we can extend Relatics with custom components like interactive charts, email alerts, background tasks, visual calendars, advanced interfaces and javascript functionality.

Housing Projects, Requirements Management, Systems Engineering, Contract Management
+31 10 2651857

ICOP is an international consultancy firm that supports its clients with requirements management, systems engineering and briefing. ICOP has used Relatics for the development of BriefBuilder: its award-winning tool for requirements management and systems engineering in construction projects. BriefBuilder is a ready-to-use template that allows users to formulate, capture, communicate and verify project requirements during the entire project life-cycle.

BriefBuilder has proved its value in a large diversity of projects: urban development projects, office buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, prison facilities, airport facilities, cultural buildings and more. ICOP has a global perspective and is currently working on projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the Middle East.

iBIM Concept, CAD-integration, Systems Engineering, Requirement Management, Program Management, Integral Project Approach

neanex connects BIM to project goals with the innovative iBIM Concept. Our bi-directional iBIM Connectors connect project information managed in Relatics, with the corresponding design objects in CAD/BIM systems.

This integrated BIM Concept provides ultimate project assurance by integrating non-geometric and geometric information for compliance, interface and configuration management, for all types of design, build and maintain projects.

iBIM Connectors are available as plug-ins for the most commonly used CAD/BIM systems, and for PDF and mobile devices. All Connectors are easily configurable to connect to any SE-template. We also offer a well-proven proprietary Relatics-template for SE and PLM applications.

Project Management, Contract Management, Information Management, BIM, Systems Engineering, Organisation Coaching

We are managers of the building process and deliver innovative solutions and lasting results. We inspire ourselves and others to deliver great results by being creative, having fun and being proud of our work. We also work internationally and we’re used to managing teams with language and cultural differences.

We execute projects in the construction industry, Energy, infrastructure and commercial buildings and our services are Project Management, Contract Management, Risk Management, Technical Management, Information Management and Organisational Coaching.

Systems Engineering, Life Cycle Management, Requirements Management, Risk Analysis, Project Management

Semmtech helps organisations to save time and money on integrated project management and standardization. We offer proven and tested Relatics-implementations alongside professional services (development, administration and support).

We use Relatics for life cycle management and standardization of business processes. On top of that, we offer interfaces aimed at using Open Standards for data-exchange with other applications. Our solutions are used on hundreds of projects, world-wide and by well-known multinationals. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience in different sectors.

Besides Relatics-specialists, we also house senior consultants, information architects and programmers. This way, we are able to unburden and provide more continuity to our customers than general consultancy, IT companies or self-employed people can. All of this for lower fees, less risks and with more innovative solutions.

Shipbuilding, Requirements, Specifications, Cost Calculation, Load Balance, Planning, Documents

Shipbuilder Software is a data management package for the design, engineering and build of ships. Shipbuilder ensures shared and consistent information for all parties involved.

Shipbuilder is in use at ship owners, design and engineering offices, shipyards and subcontractors. Shipbuilder will make the complex information transparent, from concept design to delivery of the ship. So ships can be build right the first time.

Main Benefits

Collaborate easily with all involved parties on the shared real time information. Enter data only once. Flexible monthly subscription and a very competitive price on top.

Information management, Systems engineering, Building Information Model, Proces management, GIS, 3D modeling

Track 3D supports technical teams with ascertaining structure, analyzing information and guiding decision-making. We use information technology to guide the technical development process, visualize engineering interfaces and create transparency in project information. We can provide both consultancy and tools to support technical teams in developing their scope of interest.

Our goals

Specify solid specifications. Apply efficient, practical information management in dynamic, integrated environments. Thorough recording and transparent availability of information.

Our specialties

Civil engineering, Systems engineering, Information management, Process management (quality processes), Working with Building information models, GIS, 3D modeling.

Referral Partners

Automation Solutions, GEO IT Solutions, Digital Design Information, 3D Modeling, BIM, GIS, Digital Prototyping, Document Management, Document Control

Cadac Group solutions simplify complicated design processes in the infrastructure, construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. NedGraphics is also a Cadac Group Company.

We work with various organizations: governments, engineering- and consulting firms, contractors, public utilities companies and design firms. Based on local market knowledge combined with own software solutions and standard third party software, for example Autodesk, Oracle and Microsoft. We aim not only to optimize our clients processes, but also to improve their design results.

The added value of Cadac Group is reflected in intensive knowledge of: Digital design information (CAD), 3D modeling, BIM, GIS, Civil Engineering, Building, Installation and Construction, Digital Prototyping, Document Management and Document Control.

Systems Engineering, Information Management

As a sole proprietorship, Invention Design has over eight years of experience in building Relatics templates. We specialize in flexible, user-friendly modules for (semi-)state enterprises like Rijkswaterstaat, Schiphol Group and RIVM. Processes we have supplied include tendering, scope management, requirement management, and contract management including amongst others system-oriented contract management and deviations.

Together with 2nd Sense, a Dutch engineering company, we have developed a standard product that offers all functionality needed for large (infrastructural) projects: Devise. The principles of Devise are based on Systems Engineering; managing data logically, transparent, traceable and explicitly. For instance by the easy to use and highly adjustable reporting engine.

Besides 2nd Sense, Invention Design works together closely with several other companies to guarantee continuity.

More information?

We are especially interested in professional organizations with specialized domain and industry knowledge, solid technical expertise and a strong focus on customer service. Interested in getting to know more about the Relatics Partner Network? Please contact us.    

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