Information is yours

For the first time, project members can manage their requirements, tests, risks, tasks and all other project objects in a coherent network of explicitly described information. Relatics frees the project of numerous spreadsheets and isolated applications to store information. Relatics has proven to regain project control and reduce project risks. Projects will be realized faster, with less failure costs and a better outcome.
Relatics offers a whole new approach for managing project information

All data in your hands

Relatics is based on semantic technology. It enables users to store all kinds of project information and integrate it in a structured and traceable way. Simply click on your project object to understand its context. Project changes and requirements are directly visible. This saves time and ensures the process is less error-prone. The flexible structure of Relatics provides you a clear insight into your project at any time and any place.

Adapts to your information needs

Relatics is designed with the idea that not the IT-department, but the end user should be able to control information needs. Relatics offers a flexible architecture that can be tailored completely for a project. While project members continue their work, information can be changed or enriched. This ensures that project members always work with up-to-date information and information needs are aligned with business needs. Project managers are in control - right from the start.

Simple and intuitive

Relatics is extremely easy to use and gives you more security and better results. New users do not require any training in order to work with Relatics. This is one of the reasons why Relatics is always easily adopted by all project members. Start managing your project information with Relatics and regain full control.

Collaboration focused

A good collaboration within projects contributes to a better project outcome. Relatics increases collaboration between project members. It is web based and accessible from any location by any device. Relatics can be easily integrated with external systems like SharePoint. This makes Relatics the stable solution for all collaboration focused projects.