Rolling updates

New functions available:
as soon as they are ready


Rolling updates

Throughout the year you will receive regular fixes and brand new features. Each update becomes available as soon as it's ready. All prerequisites are installed automatically and the only thing you need to do is discover the new features and apply them in your workspace.

Regular updates

Every couple of weeks we will release the latest improvements and regular fixes

Automatic releases

Use the latest features without any effort

Available everywhere

All updates are instantly available, everywhere and for everyone

Features in development

Relatics is constantly innovating and improving its software. Based on customer feedback and our own talent to see opportunities no one has seen before, we create software that dramatically changes information management. 

An overview of features in development can be found here.

Recently released features

The introduction of Synchronization

Relatics has released the new feature “Synchronization” to help functional designers manage modifications within multiple project workspaces centrally and more efficiently.

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Modernized user interface

In this release, a new and modernized look and feel is available.

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Custom icons for property values

In this release, custom icons for property values are supported. By using custom icons, end users can get a better understanding of the values shown. 

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