Manage the complete life cycle

Relatics is a cloud platform used by large projects in the construction, infrastructure and civil engineering industry to control all information within a project. With Relatics software an unlimited number of web-based applications can be created for managing project information.

All data in your hands

Store project information and integrate it in a meaningful way

Adapts to your information needs

Flexible architecture that can be tailored to the project needs

Simple and intuitive

Easy to use - more control and less mistakes 

Collaboration focused

Excellent collaboration benefits the project outcome

Solutions for all project information needs

Every day Relatics applications are used intensively by projects all over the world. Discover a selection of the many possible applications that have proven to be successful in projects.

Building Information Modeling

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In implementations of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in projects, Relatics is used as a linking pin in the information network.

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Permit Management

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Assess information in order for permits to be applied in time and manage its requirements in the most effective way.

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Quality Management

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Guarantee that information complies with quality standards and handle deviations and continual improvements in an effective way.

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Questions and answers

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Support the competitive dialogue between client and contractors by safely synchronizing questions, answers and notifications. 

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Value Engineering (VE)

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Improve the value of a project by administrating issues, functions, ideas, performance evaluations, solutions and other alternatives.

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Risk Management

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Configuring Relatics for Risk Management allows you to set up a central risk library using Relatics to manage the control measurements 

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Environmental Management

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Analyze information of stakeholders and translate their concerns and wishes in specific requirements. 

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Document Control

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Configuring Relatics for Document Control allows you to organize your documents and related requirements. 

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Requirements Management

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Relatics is a web-based tool used for Requirements Management in large construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects. 

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Systems Engineering (SE)

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Relatics provides projects the possibility to manage information completely according to Systems Engineering.

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Contract Management

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Configuring Relatics for Contract Management allows you to manage your contract explicitly.

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Asset Management

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Configuring Relatics for Asset Management enables the explicit management of information about your assets and allows you to process inspections 

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Need a specific solution?

The above applications are for inspiration and illustrate only a small portion of the potential of Relatics. Obviously many more applications can be developed.

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